martedì 4 agosto 2015

Golden cubes

The proposal is based on two parallel demands: first, to lighten the structure as much as possible in manners not to interrupt the look on bell tower from any point of view; Secondly, it tried to represent the population density of the surroundings, as well as the characteristic of “eternal construction site” of the monumental complex in which it occurs to the proposal; to obtain a satisfactory result in this direction, it was decided to operate starting from a grid composed of a basic module of 14 cm, in such a way as to reach the precise proportion of unmounting of the scale on the pusterla, which corresponds to +2.84 m (counting as a reference the embankment in front). The conceptual references, such as studies of sculptural Sol Lewitt and Martin Puryear, results are indispensable sources and widely inspirational for the representation of a light structure and permeable to the view. The chosen materials are steel coated in gold, for the structure of the scale, and the essence birch wood, for the footboards, in turn coated by a silk screening anti-slip depicting ancient pottery Neapolitan and those of Gio Ponti. These materials exhibit excellent resistance to the exterior and the stress that comes from constant and discontinuous loads arising from the location of the users, all proportioned at a reasonable cost.